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The Google Book search interface works just like any other web search. The platform has more than 10 million free books available for users to read and download. The site also provides videos to users. To get full view books, click on the tab labelled any view and scroll down to full view.
Ebrary/Proquest E-Books

Proquest is a rich database of up-to-date e-books/online books that cover various disciplines. You need to register on RemoteXs in order to access Ebrary/ProQuest books and other online resources. You are advised to download the relevant chapter. To download a full/complete book, ProQuest requires one to additionally create a personal account after logging in with your RemoteXs credentials. You can explore the added benefits of creating a personal account on the ProQuest platform.

Nb: To log in to the RemoteXs platform click here
How do I create my Google Scholar Profile?

A Google Scholar profile is a very simple way of collating your publications and citations to them so that others can find your work.

Step 1: Creating your basic profile

  1. Log on to and click the “My Profile” link at the top of the page to get your account setup started.
  2. On the first screen, add your affiliation information and university email address, so Google Scholar can confirm your account.
  3. In the home page field, you can paste the link to your departmental faculty profile or the CUK home page link

Step 2: Adding your publications

  1. Google Scholar will provide a list of publications it thinks belong to you. Read through the list and select the ones you have authored by checking the box.
  2. Click on the blue shaded arrow at the top right corner of the page

Step 3: Settings

  1. Choose the option of either “Applying article updates automatically” or “Email me updates for review”. I do not recommend the first option especially if your name is shared by many people
  2. Congratulations! You now have a Google Scholar Profile

Step: Getting back to your profile

  1. Simply log in to your email
  2. Open Google Scholar
  3. Click on My Profile at the top right corner of the page